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Each month we pick a science fiction or fantasy book to read and discuss the following month. Come join your ICON friends for good company, books, and discussion.

This Month's Book

This month's we will disscussThe Saturn Game by Poul Anderson

(click on chapter 2 in the left sidebar to read the story free of charge) The Boost by Stephen Baker

Poul Anderson was one of the master storytellers of science fiction and fantasy. Winner of many awards, including the Hugo in 1982 for "The Saturn Game," Anderson is also famous for co-founding the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
In this story, Anderson introduces his great, overarching future history, sometimes called "The Polysotechnic League Universe". It's almost a showcase for Anderson's strengths, with lyrical, beautiful descriptive language, scientifically-informed near-future space travel, and strong characters whose interaction and development are what the story is about, while keeping that strong Golden Age "sense of wonder" that made SF of the era so compelling.
We've chosen to read a shorter work for this meeting, because of the holidays and their demands on people's time, but nobody reading this one will feel, pardon the pun, shorted.

About ICON Science Fiction

ICON's mission is to encourage literacy, creativity and interest in science and technology through science fiction and its related genres.

In addition to hosting I-CON the convention since 1982, ICON Science Fiction, Inc. works throughout the year to promote literacy and education within the community with programming, events, scholarship programs, fundraising and more.

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